I am delighted to extend a warm invitation to science and technology education personnel to participate in the 5th World Conference on Science and Technology which is organised by ICASE (International Council of Associations for Science Education). It is scheduled for Titanic Beach Resort Hotel, Antalya, Turkey from 1-5 November, 2016. The theme of the conference is Interdisciplinary Practices in Science and Technology Education.
Established in 1973, the objectives of ICASE are to extend and enhance the work of its member organizations; provide and support activities and opportunities to enhance formal and non-formal science and technology education worldwide; establish and maintain an international communication network; and encourage and support the establishment and development of professional science and technology organizations, especially where none currently exists in a country.
In striving towards these objectives, ICASE activities have included the publication and production of teaching resources, organization of conferences, symposia, and workshops as well as the organization of World Conferences on science and technology education.
At its General Assembly in Kuching, Malaysia in 2013, ICASE approved a strategic plan for the future. This includes re-examining the goal of ICASE in order that by its 50th Anniversary in 2023, the vision of the Association to provide the foundation and leadership in Delivering Excellence in Science Education Worldwide could be realized. Thus moving forward, ICASE envisions its role as helping to develop and sustain science teacher associations so that all science teaching is enhanced through collaboration, innovative methodologies and connections throughout the globe. In this direction, ICASE mission is to deliver and co-ordinate, enact and disseminate research and resources that enhance the impact and growth of science education and science teacher associations throughout every continent.
ICASE World Conferences are, therefore, meant to further the vision and mission of the Association. The first World Conference was held in Penang, Malaysia in 2003. This was followed by other conferences in Perth, Australia (2007); Tartu, Estonia (2010); and Kuching, Malaysia (2013).
The International Conference Committee with the unflinging support of ICASE President, Teresa Kennedy; President- Elect, Bulent Cavas; the Local Convenor, Gultekin Cakmakci and all Local Organazing Committee members; is arranging a delightful conference for you. Supported by renowned keynote speakers and presenters, the conference promises to be very rewarding. In addition, you have an opportunity to visit historical sites around the region by staying at the conference hotel with an offer of accommodation and board on payment of highly discounted fees.
We look forward to receiving you in Antalya and do hope that you are able to arrive on 31 October as recommended.
Thank you.
Ben Akpan, International Convenor